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Healing Beyond • Not being defined by

Whatever you are currently struggling with, can become Your Gateway to Healing.

Cancer as a Gateway, Anxiety as a Gateway, Loss as a Gateway→to deeper healing and connection within and between yourself and others.

Re-covery is nothing    <      Dis-covery is everything

Re=again –cover                  Dis= remove—the cover

Healing is to remove the cover of our pain to see our true vulnerability which is inextricably linked to our strength of heart—the wholeness of our imperfection.

Are you suffering with Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Distracted Mind, Relationship Conflict, Grief, Trauma, Eating Disorders,  other emotional difficulty?

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Your Gateway to Healing offers:

  • Treatment Modalities for the Individual, Couple, or Group
  • Neuroscience Practical Applications –utilizing our brain’s ability to grow and change according to experience, helping each of us to find real-time, user-friendly ways to incorporate the long lasting change we are seeking to heal. Our Brain/Body/Mind, and hence our behaviors and relationships, all change for the better when we know how to direct a new quality of attention to our lives. 
  • Consultations, In-Service Organizational Trainings, specific to your needs.
  • Local and Worldwide services: Workshops, Individual Sessions, locally or via Online, Couples Counseling, Lifestyle Assessment and Coaching for Wellness, Performance Enhancement, Neuroscience Practical Applications Facilitation. More Information

You might be experiencing symptoms such as:

Stress, Fatigue, Overwhelm, Irritability, Relationship Conflict, Difficulty Sleeping, Irregular Eating, Inability to relax, Physical Illness, Social Avoidance, Decreased Motivation, or just an overall sense that you are out of balance and in need of support.

This is true for Individuals and for organizations, groups, corporations: All are systems with elements seeking balance and clear attention, awareness, and communication. Whether seeking here as an individual or a larger group, we are all in need of remembering a cooperative care and well-being for the best performance of this experience of ‘being human’ .

I can help you return to yourself and discover your own capacity for healing.

Please contact me for a free initial 15 minute phone consultation to determine what your needs are.

“Every moment we are evolving and growing in the beauty of our own development, like a flower extending up from the earth and blossoming, but will also eventually lose its petals and return back to the earth. So too there is this continually bitter sweetness to life. As much as we expand into the joy of life, we too can contract into its heartache. To be alive, life requires us to move with this pulsation, like our heart’s pumping, closing, but then opening fully again to provide movement of our vital force. If we dull down and avoid the pain, we also disconnect from the full experience of what is good.”–dmr

“Our pain is waiting for us to be re-membered within the context of a kinder Awareness, learning to relate to ourselves with a quality of love. It is in this context, each of us can then bear the unbearable, knowing our True identity, which is beyond any limitations of suffering, and our suffering can then be the Gateway that leads us back to our core truth.”-dmr

“….if we would live with the faith in the value of what is challenging, then what now appears to us as most alien will become our truest, most trustworthy friend…………..perhaps every terror is, in its deepest essence, something that needs our recognition or help.”—-Rilke

Hear what others are saying in praise of Your Gateway to Healing

“A great deal of the chaos in the world occurs because people don’t appreciate themselves.”
~Chogyam Trungpa, Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior